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Sharah Info Tech Engineer born from a passion to bring improvement to the construction industry. Construction has a significant impact on quality of life on earth- it creates the houses we live in, the roads that transport us, the utilities that serve us, the buildings we work in and the factories that produce the items we use every day.

At Sharah Info Tech Engineer Software, we understand that we have a responsibility to positively influence the industry we serve and the world in which we live. We also recognize that change is hard. Our project management software environment is intuitive and simple to learn but it must be accompanied by a willingness to think differently and to engage in a highly cooperative and transparent process. The outcome is remarkable, we hear it from our customers every day.

The Sharah Info Tech Engineer environment is enabling teams to improve the quality, the safety, the productivity and efficiency of projects around the world. And this is just the beginning, the potential for improvement and innovation in the future is enormous.

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